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Platform description
Singberry Karaoke Platform (SKP) – IT platform for controlling and distributing multimedia content.
The system is a hardware and software modular-based product which can register, aggregate and store different kinds of karaoke content, metadata, information about publishing and neighbouring rights and their respective owners. It can quickly and conveniently distribute this information among the clients.
Core principles laid
within the platform:
  • Transparency of statistics showing track usage and methods of calculating royalties
  • Wide range of formats and means of content delivery to our clients
  • Our clients get complete freedom to choose only relevant tracks for their services
  • Constant catalogue updates, ability to add and exclude tracks
SKP consists
of the following modules:
  • License module

    Module for registering and storing the information about content, publishing and neighbouring rights and their owners (right holders and content providers), license agreements, content metadata, permitted distribution territories, information about publishing shares distributed between their respective right holders, etc.
  • Content vault

    Karaoke phonograms with and without leading melody, song lyrics, synchronization files, notation and chords, images, etc.
  • Content publishing and client delivery module.

    Our clients can access karaoke catalogue in different ways, including via the specialized API, with all the documentation and technical support provided.
  • Personal partner cabinet

    A statistics module for collecting and registering content usage on client platforms, calculating right holder and content provider royalties and generating report documentation.