With this politics we, Singberry, LLC (hereinafter - Organization) confirm to be led by the legislation and our own rules based on such legislation about the personally identifiable information while working with such information we can get from our users in the course of the works we do to deliver our projects.

The personally identifiable information means any information about the users (the subjects of the personal data) as his or her first name, surname, fathers name, date of birth, address, family, social or financial status, education, citizenship, logins and passwords, and any other information which can in any way identify the personality of the user and which Organization got to know while delivering its projects.

Organization ensures that in the case of the processing of personal data, meaning any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with the use of automation equipment or without the use of such with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision of access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, in compliance with all regulations stipulated by the law.

    The organization is guided by the following principles in the case of the processing of personal data:
  • The implementation on base of laws and equitability.
  • Limit the achievement of specific, pre-defined and legitimate goal.
  • processing of personal data that is incompatible with the purposes of collecting personal data is not allowed.
  • databases containing personal data, which the processing for purposes incompatible with each other cannot be assumed or associated.
  • only the personal data answer the purposes of processing can be processed.
  • The content and scope of the personal data must comply with the stated goals of processing. Processed personal data should not be excessive in relation to the stated goals of treatment.
  • Processing of personal data must be provided with personal data accuracy, its sufficiency and, where appropriate and relevant in relation to personal data processing purposes. The organization shall take the necessary measures to ensure its acceptance or for the removal or refinement of incomplete or inaccurate data
  • Storage of personal data should be in a form that define the subject of the personal data no longer than it is required by the purpose of processing personal data, if personal data storage period is established by law, or a contract where the personal data subject is a representative. Processed personal data shall be destroyed or depersonalized as soon as the goal of processing is achieved or in case of loss necessary to achieve these purposes, unless otherwise provided by law.
    When processing personal data Organization-compliance with the legislation of the rights of users, including:
  • Personal data subject has the right to receive information, as provided by law, except as provided by the relevant provisions.
  • Personal data subject has the right to demand from the Organization clarify his personal data, block or destroy it if personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, unlawfully obtained or is not necessary for the stated purpose of the processing, as well as take legal measures to protect its rights.
  • Information can be provided by the Organization to the subject of personal data in an accessible form, and it should not contain personal data relating to other subjects of personal data, except in cases where there are legitimate grounds for disclosure of such personal data.
  • The information can be provided to the personal data subject or his representative on base of his or her or such representative request. The request must contain the number of the main document certifying the identity of the subject of personal data or his representative, the date of issue of the document, and the issuing authority, information confirming the participation of the subject of personal data in relation to the Organization (contract number, date of conclusion of the contract conditional verbal designation and (or) other information), or information otherwise confirming the processing of personal data by the Organization, the signature of the subject of the personal data or his representative. The request can be sent as the e-document signed by electronic signature and in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  • If information and processed personal data have been available for consultation of personal data subject, on request, personal data subject has the right to appeal again to the Organization with the second request in order to obtain information and get acquainted with such personal data is not earlier than thirty days after initial treatment or referral of the initial request, unless a shorter period is established by the law, enacted in accordance with it normative legal act, or contract a beneficiary or surety for which is the subject of personal data
  • The organization is entitled to refuse the subject of personal data in the performance of re-request that does not meet the conditions stipulated in the relevant provisions of the law. Such a refusal should be motivated. The responsibility for providing evidence of the validity of the refusal in performing retry lies with the Organization.
  • Personal data subject has the right to obtain information concerning the processing of his personal data.

Organization also ensures that personal data cannot be provided otherwise, except in the grounds expressly provided by law or by this document. A person using software on which licenses are provided by the Organization in the framework of projects implemented by it, confirms that the Organization provides all the necessary rights for the processing of their personal data in any form, which may be needed to provide the appropriate licenses.

For the purposes of the implementation of the personal data processing Organization reserves the right to entrust the implementation of such processing to a third party. Organization ensures that the third party in carrying out personal data processing is obliged to be guided by the provisions of the applicable law.

    In order to ensure the security of personal data the Organization shall take the following measures:
  1. appoint a person responsible for ensuring the legality of processing of personal data (hereinafter - "the responsible person");
  2. monitors personal data security threats at their processing within the information systems of personal data;
  3. uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data at their processing in information systems of personal data necessary to fulfill the requirements for protection of personal data;
  4. evaluates the effectiveness of measures taken to ensure the security of personal data before the entry into operation of personal data information system;
  5. detects if any, evidence of unauthorized access to personal data and take appropriate measures to eliminate the consequences of such unauthorized access and prohibit such action in the future;
  6. control measures taken to ensure the security of personal data and the level of protection of personal data information systems.

In the implementation of cross-border transfer of personal data the Organization is led by the requirements of the applicable legislation.

If encounter any problems when using the license to the computer program provided by the Organization in the framework of projects implemented by it, users can contact Support using the following email address: support@karaoke.ru.